Transportation of any complexity

The Company service:

·       the delivery of consolidated cargoes;

·       the delivery of general cargoes;

·       the delivery of international cargoes;

·       the partial outsourcing;

·       the transport-forwarding service;

·       the service of commercial agent;

·       the maintenance of FEA outsourcing;

·       the multimodal cargo delivery weighing from 1 kg and the volume from 0.01 m3 to the supply projects of factory lines and conveyors;

·       the consolidation of cargoes;

·       the customs clearance of international cargoes with the help of electronic declaring;

·       the preliminary information and the constant control (tracking) of cargo at each stage of delivery.

The delivery of small batches is performed via the consolidated cargo. The consolidated cargo may be delivered in a marine container or in a road train consisting of 10-50 and more supplies.

the cargo delivery by railway

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For whom:

·       for companies, the batches of which are smaller than the optimum parameters of the volume and weight for the entire vehicle: the marine container or road train;

·       for companies that do not want and cannot spend their time, financial resources for the consolidation of their supplies;

·       for companies that are starting business or opening a new branch of the international delivery sphere;

·       the international delivery of consolidated cargoes for factories with the parts replacement of the technological lines.

The consolidated cargo is a type of cargo for the delivery of consolidated parties, which are completed due to the single-piece units and tare volumes.

The consolidated cargo delivery is performed with the help of road, rail, sea, air transport. Depending on the specific conditions of each international cargo delivery case, firstly the goods can be sent to the consolidated warehouse of the delivery company, and only during the formation of the general batch, is loaded into the vehicle. There are options during the delivery. The cargo can be delivered directly to the receiver as well as the warehouse of the delivery company in the region. The following logistics chains come up: "door-to-door", "door-warehouse", "warehouse-warehouse", and "warehouse-door". About all the nuances of the delivery, the client is to be consulted at the logistics company. It also insures the delivery of international cargoes and, if necessary, takes on the registration of all the related documentation.

The delivery of international cargoes is regulated by:

·       The Articles of Association of the Road Transport (dated November 8, 2007 N 259-FZ)

·       The Law about the transport-forwarding service (dated June 30, 2003 N 87-FZ)

·       The Government Decree of the Russian Federation (dated September 8, 2006 N 554) "About the approval of the transport-forwarding service"

·       The Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (dated February 11, 2008 N 23) "About the approval of the order of registration and forms of forwarding documents"

The main advantages of the international consolidated delivery are economy and ease of the delivery process in such form. The significant economy is achieved through the effective usage of cargo space. In this case, even air transportation can be quite affordable, which generally have high price. As a rule, the international consolidated cargo delivery is carried out in the form of "door-to-door", so the convenience of such type of delivery is also undeniable.